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Luxury Chalets With Cinemas

Our Collection Of Chalets With Private Cinemas/TV Rooms
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0 to 300,000

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Chalet Lamartine
From 12,550 to 39,800 /week
1266325 m2
Ksar A21 & A23
From 7,450 to 19,800 /week
1888215 m2
Chalet des Renards
From 23,000 to 53,500 /week
1677450 m2
Chalet Al Hada
From 70,000 to 210,000 /week
2010102,000 m2
Chalet Apollo
From 20,000 to 62,500 /week
1466750 m2
Chalet Arielle
From 15,000 to 100,050 /week
1475600 m2
Chalet R Family
From 18,000 to 40,000 /week
1466280 m2
Chalet Orcia
From 34,800 to 101,720 /week
1466900 m2
Chalet Des Sens
From 70,000 to 130,000 /week
1466890 m2
Chalet Eagle
From 15,050 to 35,000 /week
1155460 m2
Chalet Grey Pearl
From 22,800 to 40,400 /week
1655460 m2
Chalet O Valala
From 45,100 to /week
1466500 m2
Chalet Otoctone
From 39,000 to 94,000 /week
1577800 m2
Chalet Ararat
From 31,500 to 68,500 /week
1577500 m2
Chalet My World
From 25,100 to 89,500 /week
1577660 m2

Luxury Chalets With Cinemas/Tv Rooms

Opting to stay in a luxury ski chalet during your European ski holiday, can mean that during the evening, you may want to stay indoors and enjoy some of the unmissable features found within its walls. And our collection of luxury chalets with cinemas, offers precisely that.
These premium slopeside properties allow guests to enjoy a post-piste evening in their very own movie theatre. Creating the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the slopes or perhaps to entertain children, our ski chalets with cinemas are a wonderful choice, whether you’re viewing a headline sports fixture or cartoon premier.
Found across each of Europe’s best ski resorts, our ski chalets with cinemas come complete with much more than the home cinema too. Within this collection, you’ll find Alpine properties with everything from outdoor pools to underground wine cellars, all you need to do now is take a look…