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Radius Search & Half Map

Enable Radius search from theme options. The option allows users to search for a map location. After they select the location, the map changes and shows all listings within a specific radius from that location (if listings exist).

The radius values can be set from theme options: initial radius, min and max radius. On this demo, Radius Search is enabled and shows on Properties List Half Search and Advanced Search Results half map search. It can be disabled by admin.

Penthouse Promenade
From CHF30,000 to CHFPOA /week
1054240 m2
Chalet Top
From CHF100,000 to CHFPOA /week
1055500 m2
Chalet White Ace
From CHF80,000 to CHFPOA /week
1054300 m2
Christiania Apartment 4
From CHF3,300 to CHF12,220 /week
21160 m2
Chalet Colombe
From CHF80,000 to CHFPOA /week
1677600 m2
Chalet Lauenen
From CHF60,000 to CHFPOA /week
1255600 m2
Chalet Bissen
From CHF50,000 to CHFPOA /week
1477300 m2
Chalet 4 Amis
From CHF4,000 to CHF12,500 /week
1053300 m2
Chalet Pinnacle
From CHF5,000 to CHF13,000 /week
1053150 m2
‪Chalet Gemsstock
From CHF3,500 to CHF7,000 /week
1453250 m2
Chalet Azzurro
From CHF3,500 to CHF7,000 /week
1243200 m2
Villa Schonfeld
From 5,000 to 15,000 /week
1463210 m2
Chalet La Marsa
From 15,000 to 45,000 /week
1255240 m2
The Chalet
From 10,000 to 50,000 /week
1266480 m2
Choucas Penthouse
From 9,829 to 20,538 /week
1044150 m2