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Listings in "Verbier"

Chalet Aline
From CHF15,250 to CHF34,170 /week
843200 m2
Chalet Feuillu
From CHF17,080 to CHF48,000 /week
633235 m2
Victoria 111
From CHF12,700 to CHF57,300 /week
1043185 m2
Sovereu Penthouse
From CHF5,380 to CHF16,920 /week
532140 m2
Chalet Mowgli
From CHF20,840 to CHF41,680 /week
1053250 m2
Tire Bouchon
From CHF16,930 to CHF35,000 /week
1055250 m2
Deux Rivieres
From CHF16,240 to CHF24,030 /week
1065320 m2
Apartment Inverno
From CHF10,250 to CHF18,590 /week
632130 m2
Chalet Ciel et Terre
From CHF12,000 to CHF30,000 /week
844220 m2
Chalet Teredo
From CHF62,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1055630 m2
Chalet Rock
From CHF22,000 to CHF45,000 /week
1055300 m2
Chalet Bellaiuva
From CHF50,000 to CHFPOA /week
1255250 m2
Ker Praet
From CHF30,000 to CHF53,000 /week
1677250 m2
Deux Rivieres
From CHF20,560 to CHFPOA /week
1265320 m2
Chalet Deux Ries
From CHF24,060 to CHF93,240 /week
1055500 m2