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Zermatt Luxury Chalets With Saunas

Our Collection Of Zermatt Chalets With Saunas
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0 to 300,000

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Christiania Residence
From CHF80,000 to CHF300,000 /week
4024241,720 m2
Chalet Aconcagua
From CHF70,000 to CHF200,000 /week
1255550 m2
Chalet Elbrus
From CHF60,000 to CHF190,000 /week
1055565 m2
Chalet Zermatt Peak
From CHF60,000 to CHF180,000 /week
1055620 m2
Chalet Mckinley
From CHF50,000 to CHF190,000 /week
1055690 m2
Chalet Les Anges
From CHF50,000 to CHF180,000 /week
1477700 m2
La Vue
From CHF40,000 to CHF150,000 /week
2613131,000 m2
Chalet Tuftra Findelbach
From CHF39,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1787250 m2
Chalet Grace
From CHF38,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1055500 m2
Backstage Loft
From CHF35,000 to CHF110,000 /week
1055600 m2
Chalet White Pearl
From CHF34,000 to CHF135,000 /week
1255550 m2
Christiania Penthouse
From CHF30,000 to CHF110,000 /week
1477535 m2
Chalet Banja
From CHF26,900 to CHF41,900 /week
833250 m2
Backstage Chalet
From CHF25,000 to CHF110,000 /week
1055320 m2
Chalet Altesse
From CHF21,480 to CHF46,060 /week
24128650 m2

A sauna is the ultimate way to chase the cold out of your bones. Envelope yourself in warmth after a day of exposure to the elements. The heat is marvellous for boosting circulation, aiding relaxation, and relieving tension in sore muscles. The best part of having one in your chalet is that you don’t have to go out into the cold again. Although, enthusiasts suggest jumping in the snow after a sauna so maybe this isn’t a true advantage. We have luxury chalets with beautiful saunas in Zermatt for the perfect way to unwind.

This is The Luxury Chalet Companys collection of luxury chalets with a Sauna in Zermatt…