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Zermatt's Best Cigar Lounges

Cigar & Shisha Smoking Spots in Zermatt
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September 21, 2022


Zermatt is the hiking and winter sports capital of Switzerland’s Valais region. It lies in an alpine valley about 1,600 meters above sea level at the bottom of the pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak. The town boasts a vibrant après-ski culture and teems with chic restaurants, posh hotels, quaint shops, stunning luxury chalets and charming bars as well as some of the best cigar lounges! Zermatt also has 1 bar that offers Shisha and cigars. The bars are listed in no particluar order so read to the very end if you’re a avid stogie smoker…

(to note – most of our luxury chalets in Zermatt don’t allow smoking inside, however nearly all of our properties have balconies and or terreces with breathtaking Matterhorn views, perfect for a cigar at any time of the day! Chalet Aconcagua and Chalet Elbrus are properties with private smoking lounges).

If you’re a ‘cigarist’, looking for a spot to wind down after a day of adventure, then we’ve created a list of Zermatt’s best cigar lounges, where you can enjoy a smoke along with some of the finest whiskey.

All of the Cigar lounges mentioned in this post sell cigars on site and only allow guests of their hotels to bring their own smokes. Smoking in public rooms, which includes restaurants and bars, is prohibited by law in Switzerland. Although it’s not technically a ‘loop-hole,’ most hotels get round this by setting up fumoirs (secluded rooms and areas for guests to smoke in with seperate ventilation).


Davidoff Lounge – Mont Cervin Palace

Address: Mont Cervin Palace, Rafael Biner Bahnhofstrasse 31, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 88 88
Website / Drinks Menu

Davidoff Lounge is a special spot for cigar smokers at the beautiful Mont Cervin Palace. While you sit on a comfy chair embracing the warmth of the open fire, choose from a large selection of Cuban and Dominican cigars to accompany your relaxation.

End your day of adventure with an extra adventure at Davidoff lounge, smoking nothing but high-quality cigarettes. You can choose from the available aperitifs to go with your cigar. If you have a personal taste, you can bring your cigars, and the lounge will gladly reserve a private compartment in the humidor.

Also, stop at the unique Restaurant Myoko, which serves authentic Japanese cuisine. Get a taste of another kind of foreign at the Matterhorn village. Enjoy freshly made sushi, sashimi, teppan-yaki, and other dishes from Japan at Restaurant Myoko.

Chat with friends while relishing fresh grilled meat and fish at the homely Grill Le Cervin at Mont Cervin Palace. If you crave the juicy taste of grilled meat, here’s a place to go. Grill Le Cervin serves meat with local specialties and a selection of wines to go with it.


Cigar Lounge Hotel Schweizerhof

Address: Hotel Schweizerhof, Bahnhofstrasse 5, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 00 00
Website / Fumoir Menu

Stylish but homey, this cigar lounge at Hotel Schweizerhof is easily the most exclusive in town. Inside the smoking room are two rocking chairs, a shelf of leather-bound books, a pool table, and two humidors with an extensive and well-curated collection of excellent cigars.

Pick from an array of vintages and spirits to complete your beautiful evening. Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whisky, cognac, tea, champagne, cocktail? You will surely find whatever aperitif you’d love to be offered at the cigar lounge.

Appreciate your cigar’s originality while meeting with friends and associates. Or you could spend the evening meeting cigar lovers and chatting over a game of pool.

Visit the Lobby Lounge Bar for the main course, snacks, or dessert at lunchtime or in the evening. The Sky Terrace rooftop bar offers a splendid view of the Alps during summer and winter. Relax while taking in the sight of the beautiful Matterhorn village.


Restaurant Alpenhof – Piano Bar & Cigar Lounge

Address: Hotel Alpenhof, Matterstrasse 43, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 55 55
Website / Drinks Menu

The English-style cigar lounge at Alpenhof is a fantastic place to cap an adrenaline-fueled day or a delightful evening meal. Unwind with your choice of excellent cigar and pair it with an award-winning cocktail or smokey whisky.

During the winter season, you can enjoy live piano music as well. It’s the perfect way to warm up your body and soul after a day of winter sports. The lounge is open to people from the age of 25.

In the center of Hotel Alpenhof also lies the Papperla Pub. It’s a meeting place for locals and tourists of different ages and interests. It’s a place to meet, mingle, and make new friends over drinks and dances. Sing along to the live music and dance all night.

Before you stop by the Papperla Pub for a fun night, check out the Restaurant Julen, where chef Joe Lackner creates new menus with love and passion with his team every day.


Hotel Alex Cigar Lounge

Address: Hotel Alex, Bodmerstrasse 12, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 70 70
Website / no online menu

Spacious and elegant, the smoking lounge in Hotel Alex features a range of high-quality and sophisticated cigars.

There are also great cocktails, wines, and spirits, including single malt whiskeys. Every Friday in winter, you can enjoy live music and delicious crêpe starting at 4 pm.

The Cigar lounge and bar have a pool table and a comfortable sofa for relaxing. Unwind after a day of skiing in the Matterhorn village. Relax and chat with buddies with a roll of cigar in your hand.

Around the corner lies the Alex Grill restaurant, where you can eat the finest fish and meat specialties. Enjoy tasty, varied cuisine from the freshest ingredients by the renowned gourmet chef Frédéric Fischer.

Wine lovers should visit the wine cellar at Alex hotel. At the Bodega Bacchus, you can treat yourself to exquisite wines from all over the world. Spend an evening of quiet dining and ‘wining’ after smoking.


Bar 55 – Firefly Hotel

Address: Hotel Firefly, Schluhmattstrasse 55, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 967 76 76
Website / Drinks Menu

The Smoker and Whiskey Lounge at Bar55 in the Firefly Hotel boast exquisite cigars and the most extensive assortment of gin in the village, with over 70 varieties.

They also have an impressive selection of aperitifs, including aged whiskey, full-bodied cognac, cold beer, coffee Lutz, and gin and tonic. You can also enjoy a cheese fondue or raclette with your wine at the wine cellar.

The carefree ambiance draws tourists and locals alike, so you’re assured of great company. Spending time smoking and drinking near the cozy fireplace at Bar 55 is an excellent way to round off your apres ski activities.

But, if you still want the fun to go on, fun awaits you in the game room. Play a round of darts with friends, a billiard tournament, or a monopoly game with monopoly lovers. There’s no moment of boredom at Bar 55.


Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

Address: Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, Bahnhofstrasse 55, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 66 00
Website / Smokers Lounge Menu

The smokers’ lounge at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof offers a wide selection of Cuban and Dominican cigars with fine whiskies and brandies. Spend a cozy evening sitting on a leather sofa near the fireplace. Smoke a stick of cigar and a glass of cognac or mature whisky. You can also smoke on the sun terrace and bask in the sun.

Stop by the Michelin-star Alpine Gourmet Prato Borni for unforgettable Valais cuisine. The restaurant serves native and international dishes made from fresh and seasonal ingredients. You can have a taste of native Swiss dishes and international dishes like foie gras, bass, and zinger gnocchi.

Saycheese at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof is another must-stop! Treat yourself to a serving of world-famous classic Swiss dishes created using local cheeses. Start your treat with fondue and raclette with a Valais dried meat platter and round off with Saycheese’s Toblerone fondue.


Cigar Lounge – Hotel Berghof

Address: Winkelmattenweg 18, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 69 00
Website / no online menu

If you’re within the vicinity, you can visit the cozy cigar lounge at Hotel Berghof. Filled with cigar lovers and soft sofas to make you comfy, you can relax without worries as you down a glass of Pinot Noir. Smoke your favorite cigarette chosen from the exquisite range of fine cigars while chatting in the smokers’ lounge. Or join a chat in the coffee bar or play a game of pool and have fun with others.

The wine cellar at Hotel Berghof is just within sight. You can continue the merriment by enjoying an extensive range of fine wines. Petite Arvine, Syrah, and Heida, you will find only the best Valais and international wines in the wine cellar.

You can also grab a seat at the cozy à la carte for a delicious seasonal meal that will thrill your senses.


Sinatra Smoking Lounge – Alpen Resort Hotel

Address: Alpen Resort Hotel, Spissstrasse 52, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 30 00
Website / Drinks Menu

Enjoyment is the keyword at the Sinatra Smoking lounge in Alpen Resort Hotel. Relax and enjoy a pleasurable evening of smoking and drinking in the cozy glassed-in lounge. Bask in the view of the Matterhorn while taking a drag of the cigarette. A great selection of cigars is available to customers; you can expect nothing but the best.

Drink a cocktail or choose from their extensive drink list and enjoy the peaceful Matterhorn ambiance. Enjoying a luxurious evening is no better way to end your apres ski day.

Are you a fan of grilled specialties? You can also visit Restaurant Hornox for delicious grilled meat. Vegetarian variations are also available. The Whiskey GoGo bar at the Alpen resort can also be your drinks spot. Get great-tasting cocktail mixes at the bar. The barkeeper is ever ready to indulge you with whatever mix you want – fruity, creamy, sweet, or the regular.


Sansi’s Bar – Hotel Albana Real

Address: Hotel Albana Real, Schluhmattstrasse 19, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 61 61
Website / Drinks Menu

Whether you want to smoke or drink or both, Sansi’s Bar at Hotel Albana Real boasts one of the finest collections of wines and whiskies worldwide. They also have a superb array of cigars and shishas. So, you’re welcome here whether you want to smoke a cigar or shisha.

Select from luxury shishas and high-quality cigars and spend your evening blissfully. Bond and enjoy your smoke with a drink to complement the evening.

If you want something extra, the Fuji of Zermatt offers anything but ordinary meals. Delight your tastebuds with the taste of the freshly-made yummy Teppanyaki prepared from the finest ingredients.

Move to the Thai restaurant, Rua Thai for another fabulous mouth-watering cuisine and authentic Thai experience. You can also get sushi at the sushi bar and Italian cuisine at Ristorante Al Trecolore.


Riffelalp Resort 2,222m

Address: 2,222m up the mountain, 3920 Zermatt
Tel: +41 27 966 05 55
Website / Smoking Lounge Menu

In the middle of the Riffelalp Resort lies the spacious Bar 2222m. The huge windows of the bar offer a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn during winter and summer. Relish the beauty of the Matterhorn village as you smoke, drink, and chat.

The live piano music will help you relax better while you treat yourself to a snack and drink. If you’re visiting during winter, don’t miss trying out Bar 2222m’s homemade mulled wine. It claims to be one of the best.

For a meal, you can dine at Restaurant Alexandre, where you will find saltwater fish meals and exciting menus, especially for vegans.
Restaurant Walliserkeller is a fun restaurant with the perfect mix of sweet delicacies and fun!

Enjoy Swiss specialties such as cheese fondue, Toblerone fondue, raclette and grills, homemade ice creams, and sorbets for desserts. During winter, cheese lovers also compete to be the next Raclette champion. Whoever eats the most portions of raclette wins the title. Then, round off your fun with a game of bowling in the bowling alley.

Wine lovers can also stop by Vinothek to learn the origin of wines. Vinothek is like a wine museum. The wine bottles are laid down according to their origin.


It’s also worth noting that Hotel Aristella Swissflair’s restaurant, called Spycher, has a smoking lounge however we’re unable to find any pictures or information on it. Hotel Simi also offers a smoking room however it’s extremely basic. Boutique hotel Beausite is a wonderful boutique hotel which looks fancy; it offers a smoking lounge which I’m sure would be as tasteful as the rest of the hotel.
Our ski holiday concierge service will recommend and book the best smoking spots as part of your travel itinerary. Let us know your favourite cigar and whisky and the team will have it ready in your chalet on arrival.


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