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Matterhorn Ski Paradise Luxury Chalets

Rent A Luxury Ski Chalet In The Matterhorn Ski Paradise
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0 to 300,000

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Les Neiges d’Antan
From 150,000 to /week
5427243,000 m2
Bergman Mountain
From 135,000 to POA /week
2814142,000 m2
Christiania Residence
From CHF80,000 to CHF300,000 /week
4024241,720 m2
Chalet Aconcagua
From CHF70,000 to CHF200,000 /week
1055550 m2
Chalet Zermatt Peak
From CHF60,000 to CHF180,000 /week
1055620 m2
Chalet Elbrus
From CHF60,000 to CHF190,000 /week
1055565 m2
Chalet Denali
From CHF60,000 to CHF190,000 /week
1055610 m2
Chalet La Fenice
From 58,000 to 165,000 /week
16771,200 m2
Chalet Mckinley
From CHF50,000 to CHF190,000 /week
1055690 m2
Chalet Les Anges
From CHF50,000 to CHF180,000 /week
1477700 m2
Grand Chalet Blanc
From 44,100 to 55,000 /week
1877950 m2
La Vue
From CHF40,000 to CHF150,000 /week
2613131,000 m2
Chalet Tuftra Findelbach
From CHF39,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1787250 m2
Chalet Grace
From CHF38,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1055500 m2
Backstage Loft
From CHF35,000 to CHF110,000 /week
1055600 m2

Luxury Ski Chalets In The Matterhorn Ski Paradise

Elevate your winter holiday in one of Europe’s most extensive ski areas, the Matterhorn Ski Paradise. Our exclusive portfolio of luxury ski chalets is meticulously hand-picked to give you the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

Benefit from our team of seasoned travel experts dedicated to curating unparalleled winter escapes. With our wealth of experience in Europe’s most sought-after ski resorts, we’re committed to opening up a world of luxury for you.

We have an extensive range of high-end ski chalets in the charming Swiss resort of Zermatt and its Italian counterpart, Cervina, which are available to book now.

Get ready to discover the unparalleled beauty of the Matterhorn Ski Paradise, nestled at a breathtaking 4000 meters above sea level. This high-altitude ski resort offers excellent mountain conditions and spans the border of Switzerland and Italy.

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