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The Best Things To Do In Zermatt

The Best Activities & Places To Visit In Zermatt
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March 8, 2023


Zermatt is a premier action sport and hiking destination surrounded by the spectacular Pennine Alps. Known as the home of winter, the mountains offer incredible skiing and snowboarding in winter and glacial skiing in the summer. The climate and altitude ensure abundant snowfall, turning the town into a charming winter paradise.Featuring literally take-your-breath-away scenery, Zermatt is an exquisite place to visit. Green pastures replace the snow as the weather begins to warm, yet the formidable mountains remain snow-capped year-round due to their altitude. The area offers incredible hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and other adventure activities in the summer.

Zermatt’s infrastructure means the surrounding mountains are incredibly accessible to both skiers and nonskiers, with an impressive selection of lifts, gondolas, and railways to transport guests up to the highest reaches of the surrounding mountains. The cog railway transports visitors to the top of the Klein Matterhorn, accessing views usually only seen via helicopters.

As a thriving Alpine tourist destination, facilities are well appointed with numerous restaurants ranging from budget to Michelin star. Accommodation choices vary from budget to 5-star, and there is a range of spas to relax in after a hard day in the mountains.

Both summer and winter in Zermatt offer incredible outdoor experiences that refresh your soul. So if you are ready to realize your Alpine dreams, book your visit to Zermatt now.

Looking for luxury accommodation in Zermatt for one of the below activities? Contact us today and we’ll build you an unforgettable trip for any occasion.


Winter & Summer

Zermatt offers some of Europe’s best skiing and snowboarding, including summer skiing on the Matterhorn glacier. This stunning alpine ski resort boasts around 360 kilometers of trails, panoramic views of the iconic Matterhorn, and solid, reliable snowfall due to its high altitude and predominantly northern-facing slopes.

Skiers and snowboarders of all levels can enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Zermatt-Matterhorn Ski Resort. Spanning three main mountain areas, the resort comprises of the Rothorn – Sunnegga section, Gornergrat, and the Matterhorn Glacier Paradice and Schwarasee area. Skiing at Zerrmott encapsulates everything you want from an Alpine skiing experience, from endless mountains, beautiful conditions, and abundant snow.

The best area for beginners is the Rothorn – Sunnegga section, which houses Wolli’s park for beginners and offers a sunny, safe space for learning and gaining confidence. The heart of the resort, Gornergrat, provides great intermediate skiing surrounded by 29 peaks, including the formidable peaks of Mount Rosa Massif, the highest mountain in Switzerland.

Matterhorn Ski Paradise and the Schwarasee section offers mindblowing glacier skiing, with skiing on the Theodul Glacier year-round providing some of Europe’s only summer skiing. Experience one of the longest ski runs in Europe, with a 25 km trail right from the Matterhorn glacier paradise to the village of Zermatt.


Walk Around Town (And The Matter Vispa)

Winter & Summer

Enjoy a stroll around the town of Zermatt. Nestled in the upper end of the Matter valley, this gorgeous place is everything you could want from a mountain destination.
Look through the old village (known as Hinterdorf) and view the centuries-old houses and barns. Explore the Bahnhofstrasse, the town’s main thoroughfare admiring the alpine-style houses. With a bustling atmosphere, the street has shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore or detour down one of the winding alleyways. Zermatt is car-free, making it perfect for pedestrians to explore.

In winter, the town is transformed into a snowy wonderland. The peaks of the surrounding mountains and bright blue winter skies frame snow-dusted roofs and trees. In summer, Zermatt becomes a rich mountain paradise with colorful flowers blooming and many houses decorated with beautiful flower boxes.

The Matter Vispa river, fed by Gornet Glacier, is a great place to stroll, taking in the glacial water’s scenery and striking blue color, running directly from the foot of the Matterhorn through the village. Head to the Kirchbrucke Bridge which offers one of the best views of the Matterhorn. Sunset and sunrise bring spectacular lighting to this iconic vista.

Other highlights in Zermatt village include Saint Mauritius Church, the mountaineer’s cemetery to honor those who have lost their lives in the surrounding mountains, and the Matterhorn museum.
One of the best viewpoints of the Matterhorn is from Kirchbrücke.


Sunnegga Viewpoint

Winter & Summer

This sun-soaked corner of the Zermatt – Matterhorn Resort is a family-friendly paradise. Living up to its name, it receives plenty of sun and tends to warm up earlier than other resort parts. The name Sunnegga literally translates into sun-drenched corner.

Take the Sunnegga Express, a short distance to the Sunnegga viewpoint. It is a funicular railway that ascends to an altitude of 2,288 meters. In winter, you will depart straight into the snow. Wolli’s beginner’s park is located nearby.

Sunnegga viewpoint is one of the best spots to take in a complete view of the Matterhorn. You can see from the foothills right up to the peak. The Sunnegga observation deck is an extraordinary place for taking photos and drinking in the scenery. Also located nearby is the Sunnegga Buffet Bar which has an outdoor patio area.

Explore Leisse Lake, a short three-minute walk from Sunnegga station. In summer, you can take a dip in the refreshing Alpine waters. This stunning spot has picnic tables, a barbeque area, and a playground. There are plenty of hikes around Sunnegga, making the most of the incredible scenery, and you will have a good chance of spotting wildlife from Marmots, mountain goats, and stunning flora and fauna.


Mountain Carting


Mountain karting does the trick if you want an adrenaline rush during a summer visit to Zermatt.

From Sunnegga, take the gondola to Blauherd, where you can rent mountain karts for an exhilarating ride down a 1.6km mountain track. The three-wheeled karts have solid and robust wheels, dual brake systems, and a low center of gravity to ensure you and your family’s safety. This fun activity suits all ages, and kids will love it. Kids must be over nine and at least 1.35 meters tall.

As you descend from Blauherd, which sits at the height of 2,571 meters, soak in the epic views as you freewheel down the track. With expansive mountains stretching as far as the eye can see, this mountain karting track is unrivaled in location.

Feel the fresh Alpine air whip through your hair as you descend towards Sunnegga, almost 300 hundred meters below. This thrilling adventure gets your blood pumping and your senses humming as you relish this stunning outdoor environment.

Prebook your tickets online at Valley station or Blauherd. Once you head down, you will be dying to get straight back up there! Don’t worry, though. Tickets range from one to five rides because you can guarantee once won’t be enough.


Mountain Biking (And 4 Lakes Bike Tour)


The versatility of Zermatt means it is an outdoor paradise in both summer and winter. Once the snow recedes, the mountains become prime mountain biking territory.

Inexperienced riders, families, and those wanting a less challenging ride can enjoy two flow trails with smooth surfaces and no challenging technical features. The flow trail from Sunnegga to just below Zermatt is a thrilling 5.8 km ride and is the longest flow trail in Switzerland. Another flow trail can be found between Riffelburg and Schweigmatte.

There is thrilling terrain to tackle for more experienced riders wanting to test their abilities. There are vast numbers of singletrack trails to get stuck into, expect rock gardens, switchbacks, and epic descents. Gornergrot offers the chance to rampage through tracks high above the sweeping Gornergrot glacier, which lies glistening and formidable below.

Another highlight is the four lakes mountain bike tour that departs from Blauherd. This singletrack trail is defined with a difficulty level of easy. Cruise past Stellise Lake and experience the iconic view of the Matterhorn reflected in the flat waters of the lake. Continue to Grindjise, where you can see rare plants that thrive in the moorland habitat around the lake, then on to marvel at the clear, emerald-green waters of Grunsee Lake. Before heading back to Sunnegga, wonder at the milky blue waters of Moosjisee, which is fed from the Findel glacier. The sediment-rich glacial water is responsible for giving it its unique milky color.


Visit A Spa

Winter & Summer

With all the outdoor excursions, Zermatt is the perfect place to treat yourself to a spot of relaxation in one of the many spas. Many hotels offer luxurious spa facilities that are also open to non-hotel residents.

A visit to the Mountain Ashram Spa provides an unforgettable experience and top-end spa experience at the foot of the Matterhorn. This resort gives visitors an incredible opportunity for deep relaxation, harnessing nature’s power and ancient healing techniques of Japanese onsen, Bhutanese hot stone baths, and Northern European Sauna Art.

Flow through the outdoor bathing spots from a stunning infinity pool with spectacular views of the Matterhorn to saunas infused with local herbs and essential oils, or select from the extensive list of treatments and massages.

The ParkHotel Beau Site offers a traditional Swiss Alpine spa experience with a contemporary modern edge. Relax in open saunas with expansive Matterhorn views, chill out in the large outdoor infinity pool, or stay indoors and admire the view from the indoor pool and whirlpool. This delectable resort offers a perfect way to wind down.

Combining the joy of invigorating mountain pursuits with a calming, revitalizing visit to one of Zermatt’s many spas is the perfect balance for a truly memorable stay in this spectacular mountain destination.


Heli Tour

Winter & Summer

A Helicopter tour adds something special to your visit to Zermatt, with a unique opportunity to see an unrivaled bird’s eye view of this striking mountain landscape.

Join Air Zermatt onboard its fleet of nine helicopters for a breathtaking aerial experience. Air Zermatt are pioneers in mountain rescue and has been completing heroic rescue missions since its conception in 1968. Now with a team of 10 pilots and a fleet of helicopters of the highest quality, these air guardians provide an essential service to the Valais region. You can be assured of your safety on tourist flights.

There is a range of sightseeing flights to choose. From the Matterhorn, getting you up close and personal with its famous peak to a 60-minute Alps Panorama flight giving you extended air time marveling at the highlights from the Aletsch Glacier to the peaks of the Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau, or Allalin.

Foodies can choose a gourmet experience that offers an unparalleled dining experience. After completing a scenic flight, touch down, and enjoy a spectacular lunch in a secluded restaurant nestled deep in the alpine mountains.

For adventurous souls, heli-skiing offers incredible access to world-class on and off-piste skiing. Complete with a mountain guide, this is a bucket list experience you will always remember.



Winter & Summer

Throw caution to the wind with an experience that will take your breath away as you paraglide in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, available in winter and summer.
Launch yourself into the air and share an incredible flight around Zermatt’s mountains. The glorious thing about paragliding is that you enjoy an extended period in the air, allowing you to take in this spectacular vantage point.

Shed your nerves as you glide effortlessly through the clear skies for an exhilarating adventure. There are several paragliding companies to choose from. Each offers a range of take-off points and experiences to choose from.

This is a family-friendly activity for adventurous kids guaranteed to give them a holiday of a lifetime. You will be flying in tandem with an experienced pilot familiar with the area to benefit from their expert knowledge and who will ensure your safety.

Zermatt Paragliding is run by a local family with over 400 years of family history in the region. They offer the chance to paraglide with a descendant of one of the Matterhorn’s first climbers in 1865.

If you are ready to experience the unforgettable freedom of paragliding, this could be the perfect activity.


Ride The Gornergrat Railway

Winter & Summer

Enjoy one of the world’s most spectacular Alpine train rides to Gornergrat. This cog-wheel railway has been in operation since 1898 and makes the stunning summit of Gornergrat accessible.
Depart from Zermatt and travel 1,469 meters up through a sublime landscape of bridges, tunnels, forests, and mountains toward your destination. This 35-minute train journey offers a comfortable view of Vistas of Zermatt’s mountain ranges, from repeated sights of the iconic Matterhorn to the Monte Rosa Massif.

The scenery becomes increasingly dramatic as the train winds on the 9.4-kilometer track through luscious Alpine forested mountains reaching ever higher altitudes. You will pass the Gorner Glacier bearing witness to its wild beauty.

This train ride is stunning in both summer and winter. In winter, wonder at the snow-ladened scenery; travel through verdant green pastures towards snowcapped peaks in summer. For the best views, sit on the right side of the train.

On reaching the Gornergrat station, enjoy the panoramic view of endless mountain peaks spread out before your eyes. The observation platform is open year-round. You can also visit Zooom, an interactive exhibition with information on the history and flora of this incredible area.

If you fancy staying a while, the 3100 Kulmhotel is at the summit, making it the highest altitude hotel in Europe. The hotel has two restaurants for hungry travelers, a full-service restaurant and a self-service cafeteria, and both boast spectacular views.


Glacier Paradise Summit (And Cable Car)

Winter & Summer

Make the epic journey to the Glacier Paradise Summit. Taking around 40 minutes, you have the pleasure of riding the highest gondola in Europe to an incredible altitude of 3,883 meters. The journey is completed with three cable cars as you are transported over this astonishing landscape.

The name says it all, this really is a glacier paradise. As you travel upwards, you will soar across vast glaciers filled with crevasses as they spread across the mountains below. The views you experience give unparalleled sights of this stunning glacial landscape.

When you reach the summit, a 360-degree viewing platform lets you take in the expansive panorama. Thirty-eight mountain peaks and fourteen glaciers unfold before you from this vantage point spanning three countries as the terrain spreads over the Swiss, French, and Italian Alps.

At the top is a restaurant for refreshments, a free cinema lounge for guests, and a viewing window that allows you to see out towards Breithorn Peak, where you might witness mountaineers scaling the peak.

This is the place for summer skiing, with the Theodul glacier offering 21 km of summer skiing. It is a popular spot for professional skiers and snowboards to practice their trade in summer. In winter, you can ski directly from Glacier Paradise down to Zermatt in a mindblowing 25-kilometer ride. Slice your way down a seemingly endless wide snowy path to the village below.

The highest cable car station in Europe (3,883 m)

Glacier Ice Palace

Winter & Summer

The only thing better than the extensive view of fourteen glaciers is being inside an actual glacier.

At the Glacier Ice Palace, you can do precisely that. Explore the icy tunnels below where artists have carved magnificent, intricate ice sculptures to marvel at. This magical experience takes you via a lift 15 meters to experience life inside one of the Matterhorn glaciers.

Enter this otherworldly experience from the Glacier Paradise on Klein Matterhorn. This family-friendly activity is a surefire hit with kids and is open year-round. Enter directly from the station at the top.

Prepare to be awestruck by the iridescent, gleaming ice. There is an ice chute inside one of the glacier’s crevasses that you can slide down, and it is the perfect opportunity to learn more about how glaciers are formed.

Cozy fur-covered benches allow you to sit down and relax as you soak in this icy wonderland. Soft, flattering lighting and tasteful music enhance the atmosphere inside, creating an extraordinary experience you won’t forget.

If you are considering a visit to the Glacier Ice Palace while in Zermatt, you will not be disappointed. This is a unique opportunity to experience one of the world’s great natural wonders.


Climb Breithorn

Winter & Summer

Are you keen to follow in the footsteps of mountaineers gone by? Breithorn could be the mountain to offer you the chance to summit your first 4000-metre Alpine peak.

You can climb this magnificent giant in both summer and winter. To access the hike, first, you must ascend to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. While this is considered one of the more accessible mountains to tackle, this is still a dangerous climb. You will require specialist equipment to navigate its glaciated ridge.

The safest and recommended way to tackle this stunning hike is with a guide who will use their expert local knowledge and Alpine climbing experience to help you successfully and safely reach the top.

Breithorn’s summit consists of multiple peaks, Central Breithorn, Western Breithorn, the Gendarm, and the Roccia Nera. Three separate paths can be followed to the summit, with one requiring an overnight stop at a mountain hut; this route is the most challenging and only suitable for advanced mountaineers. The route will take roughly 6 to 8 hours to reach the top and then come back down and requires a good level of general fitness.

This spectacular adventure will push your limits, achieving a first for many climbers. You will traverse glaciers and mountain ridges and be rewarded with astonishing multi-country views of the Alps. May to October is considered the best time to attempt the climb.


Hikes & Walks

Winter & Summer

We’ve got some of the best walks and hikes in Zermatt detailed on our other article including:

– Spot The Zermatt Blacknose Sheep
Although it’s not a hike or walk, keep an eye out for the famous Blacknose sheep
– Gornergrat and the Hike to Riffelberg
– Hike from Blauherd to Stellisee
– Hike to Hörnlihütte
– Hike The Matterhorn Glacier Trail
– Hike The 5 Lakes Trail
– Walk The Hängebrücke Bridge
– Walk The Gorner Gorge


The Mountaineer’s Cemetery, The Matterhorn Musieum or St Mauritius Church

Winter & Summer

Zermatt village features several sights of interest to visit to learn more about the historical and cultural legacy of the area.
An interest in conquering the Alpine mountains led to Zermatt becoming the tourist destination it is today. Four of the climbing party lost their lives on the first successful summit of the Matterhorn, which piqued travelers’ curiosity about the Alps.

You can visit the Mountaineer’s cemetery, which provides a tribute to some of the climbers that have lost their lives in the surrounding mountains of Zermatt. Many of the graves date back to the the19th century.

The Matterhorn Museum provides an incredible insight into Zermatt’s history and development and the Matterhorn. Visit Zermatlantis, which brings to life the story of Zermatt for visitors with replicas of original houses and interiors. Learn more about the Matterhorn, including an impressive multimedia room and the chance to view the snapped rope that resulted in the death of four climbers in Edward Whymper’s party.

Spend a moment of quiet with a stop to admire the Saint Mauritius Church. The church’s history dates back to 1285, with a complete renovation in 1980 to mark the parish’s 700th anniversary. View the decorative baptismal font and altar, or take in the ceiling painting of Noah’s Ark by artist Paolo Parente.


Visit Saas Fee

Winter & Summer

Located near Zermatt is another excellent Alpine destination. It takes roughly two hours to reach Saas Fee from Zermatt, but this charming spot is worth visiting in winter and summer.
Nestled at the foot of the Dom mountain, which stands at impressive 4545 meters, it lies in the shadows of thirteen mammoth Alpine peaks of the Mischabel range. Making it another outstanding location for winter sports, hiking, and mountain biking.

Saas Fee is known for its laid-back atmosphere and lively Apres-ski scene. Like Zermatt, it is a car-free village adding to its rural charm. The town is committed to protecting its glaciers and functions on one hundred percent renewable energy to try and minimize its environmental impact.

Earning the nickname “The pearl of the Alps,” the area has around 150 km of pistes for visitors to enjoy. A massive 20 glaciers surround the area, and ample opportunities exist for glacial skiing. This also means there is the opportunity for summer skiing here, with 20 km of glacial pistes remaining open year-round.

In summer, the area has fantastic hiking opportunities and incredible mountain biking trails to check out. If Saas Fee isn’t on your radar, yet it should be.


Eat, Drink And Stay A Week

Winter & Summer

We haven’t covered the best places to eat and drink as we other detailed articles on these topics. Our Michelin Star restaurants article covers the finest dining in Zermatt. Our après ski article covers the best places for a drink ‘after ski’ in Zermatt. Our bars and clubs article covers the best place for a drink during a night-out in Zermatt. Our mountain restaurants article covers the best place for lunch in Zermatt whilst slopeside. Our village restaurant article covers the best places to eat in the heart of Zermatt.

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