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B&B Luxury Chalets In Verbier

Our Collection Of Bed And Breakfast Chalets In Verbier
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0 to 300,000

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The Bella Coola Estate
From CHF140,000 to CHFPOA /week
1688850 m2
Bella Rocca
From CHF137,970 to CHF186,980 /week
1055500 m2
The Alpine Estate
From CHF135,000 to CHFPOA /week
2011112,000 m2
The Lodge
From CHF126,000 to CHF290,500 /week
2410101,500 m2
From CHF112,170 to CHF197,690 /week
1055850 m2
Chalet No 14
From CHF98,000 to CHF315,000 /week
2813131,500 m2
From CHF91,800 to CHFPOA /week
12661,000 m2
Chalet Marmottiere
From CHF76,540 to CHF260,000 /week
18991,500 m2
Chalet Virmadisa
From CHF74,400 to CHF171,150 /week
1466390 m2
Chalet Chouqui
From CHF70,000 to CHF295,000 /week
2099950 m2
Dent Blanche
From CHF62,130 to CHF120,000 /week
1266950 m2
Chalet Teredo
From CHF62,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1055630 m2
Bella Coola
From CHF60,000 to CHFPOA /week
10510550 m2
Chalet Bioley
From CHF57,170 to CHFPOA /week
1355600 m2
Chalet 1936
From CHF56,000 to CHFPOA /week
14771,000 m2

Discover the pinnacle of Alpine hospitality in Verbier’s top-rated B&B Chalets. Nestled in the heart of the 4 Vallees, one of Switzerland’s premier ski destinations, our chalets promise unrivaled mountain landscapes and the utmost comfort and luxury.

Combining stunning views of the snow-covered peaks of the Valais Alps with traditional Swiss hospitality, a B&B Chalet offers a tranquil and intimate space to enjoy your mountain holiday.

Expect authentic Swiss design, snow-dusted roofs, and charming, cozy wooden interiors in some of the best mountainside locations in Verbier. A luxury B&B Chalet has everything you need to relax and enjoy the showstopping scenery after a day of exploring.

Each chalet is well-appointed, bursting with vibrant Alpine character, and provides sumptuous breakfasts crafted from the finest local ingredients for your enjoyment

Find the perfect haven to unwind with our curated collection of Bed & Breakfast Chalets and indulge in a luxury escape to Verbier for your ultimate Alpine adventure.

This is The Luxury Chalet Companys collection of B&B (bed and breakfast) luxury chalets in Verbier…