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Corporate Luxury Chalets In Zermatt

Our Collection Of Corporate Chalets In Zermatt
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0 to 300,000

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Heinz Julen Penthouse
From CHF20,500 to CHF40,000 /week
844260 m2
Chalet Nepomuk
From CHF20,000 to CHF120,000 /week
221111520 m2
Chalet Shalimar
From CHF20,000 to CHF80,000 /week
201010865 m2
Heinz Julen Loft
From CHF19,500 to CHF40,000 /week
633300 m2
Apartment Panorama (La Vue)
From CHF14,400 to CHF25,700 /week
1055300 m2
The Zermatt Lodge
From CHF12,550 to CHF52,500 /week
1055320 m2
Apartment Nabucco
From CHF12,000 to CHF21,000 /week
843174 m2
Apartment Schlumatt
From CHF11,900 to CHF25,000 /week
84375 m2
Christiania Apartment 7
From CHF11,330 to CHF34,810 /week
1265340 m2
Chalet Gemini
From CHF11,000 to CHF51,000 /week
1055300 m2
Heinz Julen Residence
From CHF10,000 to CHF100,000 /week
1477560 m2
Apartment Idyll (La Vue)
From CHF9,500 to CHF17,300 /week
633200 m2
Chalet Alex
From CHF9,200 to CHF59,660 /week
1266480 m2
Chalet Castor
From CHF8,500 to CHF37,000 /week
844300 m2
Chalet Ibron
From CHF8,500 to CHF33,000 /week
844250 m2

Take your team building to the next level with a corporate trip to Zermatt. What better way to motivate colleagues and bring them closer together than a company ski trip. A stay in a luxury chalet, days exploring stunning mountains and après ski in a pretty village is sure to make any team inseparable. The memories made will be spoken about in the office for years to come. Enjoy a seamless experience. We have catered chalets with impeccable hospitality, so that you can put all your attention into making sure your colleagues have a fantastic break.

This is The Luxury Chalet Companys collection of corporate luxury chalets in Zermatt…