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Verbier Luxury Chalets With Hot Tubs

Our Collection Of Verbier Chalets With Hot-tubs
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0 to 300,000

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The Bella Coola Estate
From CHF140,000 to CHFPOA /week
1688850 m2
Bella Rocca
From CHF137,970 to CHF186,980 /week
1055500 m2
The Alpine Estate
From CHF135,000 to CHFPOA /week
2011112,000 m2
The Lodge
From CHF126,000 to CHF290,500 /week
2410101,500 m2
From CHF112,170 to CHF197,690 /week
1055850 m2
Chalet No 14
From CHF98,000 to CHF315,000 /week
2813131,500 m2
From CHF91,800 to CHFPOA /week
12661,000 m2
Chalet Marmottiere
From CHF76,540 to CHF260,000 /week
18991,500 m2
Chalet Virmadisa
From CHF74,400 to CHF171,150 /week
1466390 m2
Chalet Chouqui
From CHF70,000 to CHF295,000 /week
2099950 m2
Dent Blanche
From CHF62,130 to CHF120,000 /week
1266950 m2
Chalet Teredo
From CHF62,000 to CHF120,000 /week
1055630 m2
Chalet Bioley
From CHF57,170 to CHFPOA /week
1355600 m2
Chalet 1936
From CHF56,000 to CHFPOA /week
14771,000 m2
Chalet Petiti
From CHF50,000 to CHFPOA /week
844300 m2

For the ultimate luxe winter break in Verbier, our selection of exclusive hot tub-equipped mountain chalets provides both serenity and splendor.

Relax and unwind to the backdrop of the Alps in your chalet’s private hot tub for a lush night of enjoyment surrounded by soaring mountains and pristine Alpine skies.

Experience hitting the slopes in one of Switzerland’s most revered ski resorts for a day of incredible snow action before returning to your enchanting chalet to indulge in a raft of modern amenities. As the sun sets, retreat to your private mountain sanctuary to soak in a bubbling hot tub amongst the awe-inspiring beauty of the Alps.

Our collection of chalets is perfect for crafting unforgettable memories with family, friends, and loved ones. If you’re ready to elevate your winter getaway explore our exquisite chalet selection for a journey of unparalleled luxury and relaxation where every moment will be extraordinary.

This is The Luxury Chalet Companys collection of luxury chalets with a hot tub / jacuzzi in Verbier…